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March 30, 2016
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May 20, 2016
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What exactly is Houzz?

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living roomAlthough it started in 2009, Houzz feels to be a new buzz word lately. Have you heard these from your friends: “I just get lost in the Houzz pictures every night,” “I bought that on Houzz” or “I found my contractor on Houzz.” Seems like every home owner we know is using it – maybe you should too!
Pronounced, House with a ‘z’ instead of a ‘s’, Houzz describes itself as “a platform of home remodeling and design, bringing homeowners and home professional together in a uniquely visual community.” What exactly does that mean? Below are a list of the elements and purposes of Houzz for you to explore and decide if you should be using Houzz for your next project.

  1. PICTURES! – The main draw for most people is the abundance of home pictures on Houzz. Bathrooms, Kitchens, Yards, Home Bars, etc – if it’s related to a home, the pictures will never end. You can search by room type, style, size and even contractors in your area. Find a picture of a Boho Glam bedroom you love and connect with your local contractor to recreate it in your home!
  2. Purchase – As you are looking thru the pictures to find the one calling your name, keep an eye out for the little green hanging tags. Click on these to purchase that item from the picture immediately. Making a re-creation of the pictures super easy at home! You can also go straight to the “Shop” section and view all the items you can purchase directly from Houzz.
  3. Find a Pro – Use their extensive list of contractors, designers, landscape architects and more to find a pro in your area to complete your project. View pictures of each pro’s recent work as well as reviews and lists of their services.
  4. Get Advice – As I’m writing this, there were almost 2MILLION discussions happening on Houzz. Ask questions about a picture you love, like “What is that wall color?” Or share pictures of your own design dilemmas and ask the Houzz community for advice.
  5. Mobile and Desktop platforms – They have an app for both Android and iOS platforms in addition to supporting any desktop browser. And of course they are on all the major social media platforms too.

In general, if you love home design and remodeling, Houzz could just be your little piece of Heaven in the digital world. Check it out!