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What’s the Best Way to Navigate a VA Mortgage Loan in Bergen County?

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A VA mortgage in Bergen county is relatively easier to get than traditional loans. But, did you know that the best way to navigate a VA loan is to prepare for the worst?

And by worst, we mean getting a denied VA mortgage loan.


Possible Grounds for a Denied VA Mortgage in Bergen County and Ways to Prepare for it

There are underlying reasons why a VA mortgage in Bergen County is rejected—a simple mistake in writing the application form can be the culprit!

If you are not sure if you’re doing it right, we have gathered some of the common VA loan rejection reasons below and some ways to prepare for it.


You’re NOT Eligible

A Veterans Affairs Loan, better known as a VA loan, is a kind of mortgage guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.

In other words, VA loans are designed for U.S. veterans and their families.

Hence, you have to meet the qualifications set by the State to be eligible for the VA mortgage loans in Bergen County.

How to Prepare for this:

Recheck the service requirements provided by the Veterans Affairs office to see if you’re qualified for the VA Mortgage in Bergen County.

Chances are your VA loan will just be disapproved if you didn’t meet the minimum days of active duty, or if you failed to complete the required continual active service.

If you still have doubts, you can check the documentary and eligibility requirements at the VA’s site yourself. You may also consult your mortgage broker, VA approved lender or your VA regional center for additional assistance.


Your applying for a Vacation Home

—and an investment property.

VA mortgage loans in Bergen County are awarded to veterans to help them get a dwelling place where they can spend the rest of their lives after serving the country. 

Hence, you must be getting a VA mortgage loan mainly for your primary home or residence and not for any other cause.

How to Prepare for this:

Make sure that you are buying your place according to VA loans’ intended purpose. As a rule of thumb, if the house will be your primary residence, then you should qualify for VA loans.

In case you already have a primary home but still want to own a new one, you can still qualify for VA jumbo loans in Bergen County.

However, you have to meet one of the three criteria set by the Veterans Affairs office. These include selling your current home, paying all the encumbrances attached to it, and transferring the loan to another qualified veteran-transferee.


You have too much Debt

—Or your income is not enough to meet the requirements of jumbo loans in Bergen county.

While the State guarantees a VA mortgage in case of default, banks are still the ones issuing the loan. Hence, they still call the shots on your mortgage approval.

How to Prepare for this:

Monitor and track your credit score and history.

Often, consumers get a bad credit score because the credit reporting agencies got the wrong information.

For instance, the statute of limitations of your debt has already lapsed, or your delinquent payments which you have settled in the past were not removed from the report.

Either way, online apps such as Credit Karma, Mint, and Credit Sesame can help you have a bigger picture of your credit score and assess your credit standing accordingly.


Improving Credit worthiness for a VA Loan

If after reevaluating your credit score, it still did not meet the 660 borrower-friendly rating, here are ways to improve your credit score:


Do not Resign

No matter how pissed off you are with your new boss, do not resign. Twenty-four months of consistent employment is what you need to prove your financial stability.


Pay Your Dues on Time

If you want an approved VA mortgage in Bergen County, make sure you don’t miss any due dates. Likewise, pay your credit cards in full instead of the minimum payment.


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Pay Your Dues on Time


Avoid a Bank Overdraft

Avoid spending beyond your debit card balance to improve your credit score. A bank overdraft is the last thing you need now.



The best way to navigate a VA mortgage in Bergen County is to understand how VA loans work to counteract possible grounds for rejection.

And while a rejection sounds scary, you’ll never be ready for a “YES” if you are not prepared for a “NO”.