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July 15, 2016
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loan sign#1) Thou shalt NOT change jobs, become self-employed or quit your job.

#2) Thou shalt NOT co-sign a loan for anyone.

#3) Thou shalt NOT buy a Vehicle (or you may be living in it)!

#4) Thou shall NOT use charge cards excessively or make late payments on ANY of your accounts.

#5) Thou shalt NOT spend money you have set aside for closing.

#6) Thou shalt NOT omit debts or liabilities from loan application.

#7) Thou shalt NOT buy furniture, appliances, or household items before closing.

#8) Thou shalt NOT originate any inquiries into your credit.

#9) Thou shalt NOT make large deposits without first checking with your mortgage consultant.

#10) Thou shalt NOT change bank statements.

BOTTOM LINE….it’s best to call or email me before you do any of the above. I can review your plans and determine how it might affect the mortgage process