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Tech Tools for Selling Your Home


Ready to sell your home? Not surprisingly, your home’s presence on the web and social media is an essential element to get it sold.  With that in mind, we have put together the latest in technology to help your home show well online and in apps and ultimately, sell quickly for the best price.  Check out these 3 top tech tools to get your house glowing online:

kitchenVirtual Staging

With virtual staging, you can fill an empty home with beautiful furnishings. With just simple pictures of it’s rooms, you can fill your home with modern window coverings, furniture, rugs, even remodeling, all with software. It is proven that an empty home does not show well, so give potential buyers a digital view at the potential of your home. There are so many options for professional virtual staging or DIY virtual staging. Start with pictures of your home and then search for “Virtual Staging” and you will find endless options.

Drone Aerial Photography

If you have a large property or want to show off a great location, an aerial photo of your home, yard and its surroundings is a superb idea. An aerial photograph, taken by a drone is affordable and it will give potential buyers instant understanding of your home’s geography. Find a drone photographer near you with this site:  https://droners.io/aerial-videography-photography/real-estate/new-jersey/.

Drones are also being used to do inspections on roofs, etc. Drones are everywhere!

floor plan3D Floor Plans

Make Your Home Come to Life with a 3D floor plan! Potential buyers can see how the house is designed and what it is like to walk from room to room. Some software has features to let you furnish your 3D floor plan digitally, showing buyers how to make your house their home. To find different providers of 3D floor plans, just use your favorite search browser: there are many to choose from all with varied features and prices.

Whenever you are ready to sell your home, make sure it is represented beautifully online. Great pictures and video are just the beginning!