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November 10, 2016
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Our Favorite Holiday Hacks

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chandelier decorationsThe Holidays are a time of celebration, family, love and joy! Unfortunately, they can sometimes lead to extra stress as well. We wanted to help keep your holidays stress free, so we’ve scoured the internet for the best holiday hacks to help you enjoy every moment.

Whatever your plans this holiday season, we hope they are festive and fun! From our family at Cornerstone Capital to yours, we wish you all a wonderful holiday.

Now, here are our favorite Holiday Hacks!

  1. Hang Ornaments from your chandelier for a “Centerpiece” that doesn’t take up table space!
  2. Use finished aluminum or saran wrap boxes to gift cookies. Great opportunity to repurpose! Source:
  3. Use leftover pumpkins to make festive Snowmen to adorn your front porch. So cute! Source:
  4. Store ornaments in Egg Cartoons for an easy way to organize and safely store them. Source:
  5. Use Command Hooks everywhere! They are great for wreaths, stockings, garlands, lights, just about everything! Source:
  6. Hot glue mini candy canes together to create festive holders for menu cards, place cards or photos. Source:
  7. Use squeezable condiment bottles filled with colored icing for an easy way to decorate cookies and cakes. Very kid friendly! Source:
  8. Use fortune cookies to garnish glasses on New Year’s Eve! They might just inspire a great resolution. Source:

Happy Holidays!!