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NJ Beach Towns – Where should you invest?

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piggy bankSummer Time! It’s June, the start of beach weather, summer vacations and general fun in the sun! Here at Cornerstone, we hope we have helped you achieve the dream of being a home owner. Being in the heart of NJ, we love the Jersey shore and love to help our clients accomplish the additional dream of owning a vacation home! We always hear debates about the “best” beach town, so we put together some data to help you decide the right place for you to invest in a beach property.

Listed North to South, here is some helpful data to compare the various beaches along NJ! Note, this is just a sampling of the beaches – the full list is too long for a reasonable length blog!

  Median House Price Year Round Population Boardwalk Total Area (square feet) Number of Households Median Age of residents
Sea Bright $806k 1,412 No 1.3 792 46.7
Long Branch $320k 30,719 No 6.3 11,753 33.8
Asbury Park $332k 16,116 Yes 1.6 6,725 34.0
Point Pleasant $388k 4,665 Yes – 1 mile 1.7 1,985 45.7
Seaside Heights $268k 2,887 Yes 0.75 1.376 36.2
Ocean City $517k 11,701 Yes – 2.5 miles 10.8 5,890 53.6
Avalon $1,034k 1,334 Yes 4.9 692 61.8
Wildwood $280k 5,325 Yes – 2 miles 1.4 2,251 38.0
Cape May $278k 3,607 Yes – 2 miles (paved) 2.7 1,457 42.2


Still not sure which is best for you? Come in for a visit and let’s talk!

We gathered our data from the 2010 Census, and Wikipedia.