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Holiday Decorating Hacks 2017

Snowman door

December is supposed to be full of joy, right? So, why is everyone so stressed out?!? Stop worrying about decorating for the holidays and follow our simple holiday hacks for a festive, yet quick and easy holiday season!

  1. Rcandlesepurpose – Take all those holiday cards that you receive this month and create a colorful garland. Either string them on twine above your mantle or use a wide ribbon and hang in your windows or over a door. They make great decorations for the holidays because they are full of the smiling faces of your friends and loved ones!
  2. Light It Up – Hanging lights around rooftops and windows can create a very festive look, but its time consuming and dangerous if you aren’t confident with a ladder. Instead, create the illuminated effect with a projector. Available just about everywhere, these new projectors can shower the front of your house and/or your walkways with any festive symbol you choose!
  3. Bring on the White – We love using white to decorate for December and beyond. It is neutral enough to go with every color palette in a home and you don’t have to take it down immediately once the New Year arrives! Use fake snow, white ribbons and this adorable snowman door decoration: all you need is some construction paper or felt!
  4. Candles – whether in a Menorah or a Christmas centerpiece, candles are a perfect way to create a festive ambiance, with little prep. Wrap your candles with your favorite color ribbon or garland, add some greenery from your backyard and you will have everyone in the holiday spirit.

Whatever you celebrate this holiday season (and however you decorate), we wish you a safe, joyful season; from our family at Cornerstone Capital to yours!