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April 26, 2017
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July 11, 2017
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Green Home Ideas


Whether you already have a lot of green home elements at your house or are looking to start, we have a few simple ideas to help you out. At Cornerstone Financial our goal is always to empower our clients to be savvy home owners and green elements are a superior way to help the earth and your wallet.

Bamboo Materials

Bamboo is made from a renewable energy source, so it’s a popular choice for anyone looking to add earth friendly elements to their own home. Bamboo flooring has been popular due to its attractiveness and sustainability for years. Now we are seeing bamboo cabinets and bamboo furniture as an addition to the bamboo trend. Bamboo quality will range, so be sure to read reviews and purchase high quality bamboo for your home.

Water Conservation

With droughts affecting many parts of the world and the US, water conservation has become a necessity in some areas. We can do our part here in New Jersey with simple water conservation upgrades to our homes. Low-flow toilets and smart toilets are available at all the big box stores and can be installed by a handy homeowner or a trusted handyman. Water conserving shower heads are especially helpful if you have a house full of teenagers that take a lot of showers! Collecting rain water to be used for lawn watering is also an easy way to conserve water and is a fun project too. Here is a link to a rain barrel you can make with inexpensive materials and a few hours of time:

Solar Roofing

While not a new trend, many new developments have occurred in solar roofing. One in particular caught out attention: Tesla’s new Solar Roof product. From the company that has brought us the most stylist energy efficient cars, they just released a new solar roof product. While the aesthetics of this new product won’t disappoint, Tesla’s Solar Roof product is similar to their cars, pretty, but with a hefty price tag. We expect over the years, Tesla’s Solar Roof prices will come down and more competitors will come out with similarly attractive solar roof options. This is certainly a green home trend worth watching.

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Upgrade Your Window Treatments

Black out curtains aren’t just for night owls anymore. By updating your window treatments you can greatly reduce your energy consumption for heating and cooling. Awnings are a great options for back patios that double as efficient window treatments and shade creating spaces for dining al fresco. Cellular blinds have been developed to give you a traditional look but with energy efficiency. Black out drapes keep the heat in during the winter and the sun out during the summer, and as an added bonus, they help you sleep in on Saturday mornings too. Just remember to recycle your old window treatments when doing this upgrade.

Have other ideas to share with us on making your home more earth friendly? Let us know!