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August 8, 2016
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October 6, 2016
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Fall Decorating

pumpkin and flowersWith September we welcome Back to School celebrations and Labor Day… and the feeling of fall on the horizon. At Cornerstone Financial, we always think about our clients, past and present, and love to empower them as new home owners. Fall is a fun time to decorate, so we put together some inspiration to help motivate you to get your decorate on!
  1. Simple – You can easily accomplish gorgeous fall decorations in a few hours with a simple approach. Start with a wreath on your front door, add some fall focused towels in your kitchen and powder room and add a table centerpiece focused on fall colors. Decorations complete!
  2. Monocromatic – We all love the holidays but sometimes the season from September to December can be a bit overwhelming. You can simplify this holiday season with one set of decorations that last the entire time by using a single color. By selecting one single color to focus all your decorations around, you can simplify decorating while still creating a festive home.  Red, Gold and White are great colors to select because they will carry you throughout the whole season. Using your home as a backdrop, pick the color that will compliment your décor today. Then select flowers, candles, lights, centerpieces and garlands in your signature color. Next time you are shopping, look for EVERYTHING in your signature color and you will be ready for holiday decorating.
  3. Nature Inspired – During this season, it is easy to let nature inspire you. Use pumpkins, pinecones, leaves from your yard and fall mums to direct your fall decorations. With these materials, you can create a simple centerpiece, fill hurricane glasses of candles and decorate wreaths to create a home that will welcome your guests with fall warmth.

No matter how you decorate this fall, let nature and your traditions inspire you. Have fun with it and your guests will enjoy your efforts! Happy decorating!