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Paramus is a great place in New Jersey to settle down in. Living there provides the residents a sense of scarce suburban feel and vibe while still being close to one of the largest cities in the world. This borough is a place bounded by endless shopping, activities and pleasant views of unique suburban homes!

Paramus is a moderate-sized borough situated in New Jersey with a population of a little over 26,000. The most pleasant months are said to be June, September, and August. In contrast, January and February are believed to be the least favorite months.

The area’s recorded crime rate in 2019 was 186, which is about 1.5 times lower compared to the national average. It is also a white-collar borough, with the residents mainly being professionals, office and sales office workers, and managers. Therefore, the cost of living in the borough is quite expensive, about 59% above the national average.

Most residents own their homes. The median home cost at Paramus is $593,000. If you plan to settle in Paramus, applying for a mortgage to own a house would be typical. Having ownership means you have complete control of your property without any restrictions or limitations.

Fortunately, looking for a skilled Paramus mortgage broker is easy as the borough has some of the best in the field.

Paramus is a town that values education. It is filled with college-educated neighbors and adults that fully support the values of education. It isn't surprising that the town is home to several good schools.

In total, there are eight public schools in town. That includes five elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. There are several private schools scattered around the town as well, including The Frisch School, Paramus Catholic High School, Yavneh Academy, and many more.

Paramus is gifted with several shopping malls and restaurants. According to Yelp, the best shopping malls near Paramus, NJ, are Bergen Town Center, Westfield Garden State Plaza, Paramus Park, and Paramus Towne Square.

The borough has attractions and landmarks that you can explore. Here are some – Paramus Golf Course, Paramus Fritz Behnke Historical Museum, and Bergen County Zoological Park. The area also has a public library that is open for residents. They host various fun and engaging events and reading challenges that help people, especially kids, read more.

Paramus, NJ, is an ideal place to start and grow a family. The town has a lot to offer in terms of schools, shopping, entertainment, restaurants and more. So, if you are looking for a good Paramus Mortgage Broker, don’t look too far.

Who is Cornerstone Capital.

Cornerstone Capital started in Edison, New Jersey, in 2007. Ever since its conception, the business has worked closely with their New Jersey neighbors, dedicated to helping them get the mortgage that will allow them to purchase the home of their dreams.

For the employees of Cornerstone Capital, it is more than just a job. The company prides itself as being a Jersey native through and through. That means that the communities that they work with throughout Bergen County are communities that its founders and employees know well. The Cornerstone Capital office is right on Rivers Edge Road, right off parkway exit 161.

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Cornerstone Capital Strives To Help You Buy Your Dream Home In Paramus.

Cornerstone Capital extends a hand to their clients by helping them through every step of the entire mortgage process. We have a lot of experience obtaining mortgages for new homeowners in the decade and a half that we’ve been in the market.

We can be you local mortgage broker that will inform, assist, and advise you - making true of their promise of helping you buy your long-awaited Dream Home in Paramus!

How to Apply For a Mortgage in Paramus

Anyone may feel frustrated and confused with the process of applying for a mortgage in Hudson County. Aside from the mortgage being a big commitment, there are many kinds and various steps applicable to different situations. Luckily, Cornerstone Capital has brokers that are available to assist anyone. We have numerous options that allow the process to become convenient and quick. Cornerstone Capital Financial Services has a straightforward method for mortgage loan approval. The following are the various ways you can begin the process now:

Complete Secure 1003 Application: Also known as a Uniform Residential Loan Application, you can easily get started by filling it out online. Usually, this application is completed twice throughout the mortgage acquiring process. Initially, you fill out the form to explore your options. Once you are ready to move forward with a loan, you fill out the application again to firm up the agreement. (Often, this process takes a few months, so the second 1003 Application ensures nothing has changed in the applicant's financials.)

Call Cornerstone Capital LLC at 201-265-4545: Cornerstone Capital understands that some people would like to apply over the phone with a professional that can walk them through the process. This option is welcome, as the firm can immediately assist you with any questions you may have throughout the application process.

Download the Application: If you prefer to fill out the application and mail it, fax it, or bring it to the office, that is still acceptable. You can download the form here for FREE. Then, you need to fill it out and return it in the manner that suits you best.

Contact Cornerstone Capital now so you can set up an appointment, and we can answer your questions. We have pleasantly knowledgeable staff that are always available to answer your questions to help you become the homeowner you ever desired.

It can be a big deal for anyone to buy a home as this decision will follow you forever. Thankfully, Cornerstone Capital has experts that can surely help you every step of the way.

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